About Us

Corporate Overview

Scanabilities Ventures LLC, based on South Florida, is working with government and state organizations/company to fill the “GAP” in providing real-time medical analytics and information access to the community. We specialize in connecting patients to their medical information during any type of emergency or medical situations.

Scanabilities works with major domestic and international partners to deliver actionable information at the time it matters most – using technologies that support information transfer, data analytics and statistical analytics for reducing industry costs.

Our 25 years of experience positions us as an integral partner for insurance industries, corporate providers, and state and federal organizations.


Provide industry with next generation technologies to support information access during time critical situations:

  • Specialize in information solutions powered by Cloud-Based technologies
  • Provide SECURE community based portable health information access
  • Healthcare - medical history – reduce time to assess and provide medical treatment
  • Emergency Care – provide first responders with medical ID and critical information
  • Children & Elderly – support tracking, location, medical ID and contact information
  • Travel - provide global access to critical personal medical information – available in a country’s native language
  • Insurance – deliver medical statistics and analytics for federal, state, and local agencies
  • Data Analytics - medical & insurance data and analytics for government, state and local municipalities Call today to find out how SCANabilities can help you.
    (954) 440-2192.