• In the U.S. over 7 million injuries occur annually with 1.5 million associated with medical errors, resulting in a total cost the U.S. economy of over $20 billion.
  • Currently there is NO Nationally Integrated Healthcare System – during emergency situations – personal health information is not readily available or globally integrated.
  • Medical records are not (usually) shared between emergency responders, doctors medical specialists, pharmacies, hospital and clinic systems and are located in geographically dispersed systems, with limited individual access.
  • Healthcare provider have created a variety of websites, systems, program to host personal health information.
  • In times of an emergency, individuals may not remember or may be unable to provide vital health information.

Scanabilities uses a variety of technologies to support providing real-time medical analytics and information access to the community; connecting the individual/patient to their medical information during a medical emergency and/or disaster situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Card with QR Code Technology:

The QR code is a two dimensional bar code that is made out of black square dots within a set square area on a white background. Using a reader such as a smart phone, a QR Code can be read and processed to translate the QR Code image to information that can be used for variety of things such as redirecting a user to a website.

Once you create an account and complete your medical & identification information onto our secure online portal, your information will immediately be saved and stored securely for emergency responders, doctors, hospitals and health specialists to have access to in case of an emergency.

Making changes or any updates to your emergency contact or personal information is as easy as login in to your online account and making any changes you like to update about your emergency contact information or health information an emergency response personal may need to have access to.

For any support related questions and help you can always contact us by phone or email. For phone support you can call (954) 440-2192. For email support you can email us directly at customercare@scanabilities.com. We will do our best to help you along the way.