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DUNS#: 07-881-5430
NAICS CODES (commonly supported):
518210, 446199, 621999, 326199
PSC 6515
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We are the leading provider of a QR (quick response) cloud-based identification system utilizing state-of-the-art technology to provide INSTANT “Portable Health Information” via a secure network. We develop cutting-edge technologies & solutions to support medical ID, assessment, treatment and individual care. Our 25 years of experience makes us the sort after company by leader in the insurance industry, corporate providers, and state and federal organizations.

Who We Are

• Creator of the Portable Health Information Network
• Domestic & International Data Hosting Provider
• Certified Small Disadvantage Business

Market Segments

• Commercial
• USG Industry
• USG / G
• State
• Military

What We Do

• Specialize in Information Solutions Powered by QR Technologies
• Secure Electronic Emergency Medical Information Access
• Data Hosting Provider
• GPS Location & Tracking
• Insurance Analytics
• Government & State Licensing & Data Transfer
• Consulting

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