How It Works

Enrolling is Simple.   Fast.

•   In an emergency, the Golden Hour  refers to a time period lasting from a few minutes to several hours following traumatic injury – during which there is the highest likelihood that prompt medical treatment will prevent death. 

•   Emergency responders are trained to look for personal medical identification: cards, tags, bracelets, etc. during emergency situations. 

•   By scanning the QR codes associated with medical identification devices your information will appear on the screen of any smart phone, scanner, desktop/laptop computer with internet access.

•   By enrolling in our MYPortablehealth program – your medical information will be readily available when you need it most. 24.7.365 days a year. 

How To Enroll

Using a computer or smartphone - go to MYPortablehealth to enroll and enter your profile information.

Your information is immediately stored, secure and available to emergency responders, doctors, hospitals, specialists, and providers with the scan of your assigned personal QR product device/card.

Your information can also be downloaded directly to a doctor or hospital computer system via a PDF file.


  • Emergency Medical Information
  • Emergency Contact Information with Automated Dialing
  • GPS Locating and Tracking
  • Electronic Medical Record Location and Accessing
  • Downloadable PDF files
  • Children and elderly emergency contact and locating systems
  • Universal Language Selection
  • Global/Mobile Accessibility
  • Medical Analytics


Responsive design so that critical medical information can be viewed on both mobile and laptop devices.