News Release: Scanabilities and Kinergy Health Join Forces

Scanabilities and Kinergy Health have joined forces to provide the Healthcare Industry a fully integrated healthcare management system in a single web-based service.

This best-in-class service will expand Scanabilities’ presence in new markets and enhance Kinergy Health’s care management offerings.

Fort Lauderdale, FL and McLean, VA, July 28, 2015 - Scanabilities Ventures in partnership with Kinergy Health announced a joint agreement to combine their premier software programs "MyPortableHealth" and "MyKinergy" to create the Industry’s most intuitive individual patient-focused care system.

This strategic relationship joins two leading industry developers, each committed to providing the most technologically advanced healthcare management systems.

"Our collective goal is to provide secure, cost effective solutions for sharing information with community partners: hospitals, doctors, skilled nursing centers, patient navigators, and family members for the benefit of the Diagnosis, Treatment, and Care of an individual" said Jeff Winters, Chief Executive Officer of Scanabilities Ventures.

This agreement raises the bar in overall healthcare - changing how communities manage and distribute resources across the medical network. The result, greater management efficiency, reduced overall care costs and payment processing time, and most importantly - greater patient outcomes.

About Scanabilities Ventures
Scanabilities is a global provider of secure medical data integration serving health care providers, hospitals, insurance companies and care coordination providers with a seamless bridge to vital patient information through our information platforms. For more information visit:

Scanabilities Ventures LLC
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About Kinergy Health
Kinergy Health facilitates cost-effective and efficient care through a combination of trained Care Navigators, evidence-based practices and user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant technology, resulting in improved outcomes and patient satisfaction. For more information visit